New, new, new and new!!

I’ve been behind on my blogging because I’ve been busy in the kitchen! There are several new items on the menu this January…

1. Spicy Southwest Chicken Pie. This one has some heat! It is our own roasted natural chicken breast in a chipolte cream sauce with black beans, green chiles, and a cheddar cheese crust. Yeehaw!!


2. Chicken Cordon Bleu Pie. I tried this one out just before the holidays and it has become a fixture on the menu. Roasted chicken and Black Forest ham in a delicate Swiss and Gruyere cheese sauce.

3. Shepherds/Cottage pies are a favorite and now a permanent menu item!

4. Pot Roast pie with mashed potato crust. Perfect for cold winter nights!

5. Traditional Steak and Ale pie. A classic English pub pie. Made with top sirloin beef, mushrooms,and onion in a hearty sauce ( Highland Gaelic Ale for the first batch). This special pie is made in limited quantities, be sure to call ahead!

6. I LOVE making soups. Chicken and smoked sausage gumbo, and our Thai Tomato Bisque ( vegan and gluten free) will always be on the menu. I’m rotating in some other choices as well, for example, this week was a Broccoli Cheddar Beer and Bacon soup ( might be my new favorite!).


As always, thank you all for the kindness and the support. Hope to see y’all in the Pot Pie Shop sometime soon!

2 thoughts on “New, new, new and new!!

  1. So far, we have tried the Cottage pie(Wow! could you get a better cold day comfort food?), the Cajun meat, the Chicken Cordon Blue ( might be my whole family’s favorite), and my friend who got the Roasted Veggie as a birthday gift said the smell of butter wafting from her oven was almost as good a gift as the pie itself! We are big fans already and this is our first batch! Would love to order more –sort of in bulk –and maybe meet you in Mars Hill or Asheville if possible. The best part for a family of five with two working parents is that there is always something great in the freezer for dinner!

  2. We met Travis at Marshall Presbyterian last night, we were impressed; now coming to your web-site we’re even more impressed; I’m gluten intolerant; I can’t wait to try one of your gluten free pies-Peace-Russ

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