Pot Pockets are the future!

Spring is always a good time to try out new ideas in the shop. The snow has melted, the trees are in bloom and the hustle and bustle of Summer hasn’t reached our doorstep yet. We’ve been toying around with the idea of three sizes of pie, recognizing some of our customers (and heck, us too) don’t want an entire pie or would simply like a little variety. It was then that we recalled our love for the tasty Michigan pasties and married them with our own traditional, Cajun hand-pie recipe.

What’s a pastie? Otherwise known as the Coal Miner’s Lunch this treats has a history forged in hard work and home cooked meals. Two qualities we keep close to us in the shop. “Coal miners in the Midwest would take these for their lunch. They keep warm rather long wrapped in a towel. Some housewives would stuff one end with a savory filling, and the other with a sweet one. That way you could have your dessert with your dinner!” Borrowing from this linage we filled our hand rolled, all-butter dough with a spicy Cajun mix of ground beef, pork, finely chopped onions and sauteed peppers.

Soon you’ll be able to pick up a set of four, prepacked, frozen and ready to get home to your oven. Currently you can find them on the menu down the block at Good Stuff. For just $6 you can get a deep fried pocket and a fresh side salad, perfect lunch or dinner. Hooray!

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