Our Pot pies are currently in the following markets…

Earth Fare, Westgate Shopping Center. Asheville

Earth Fare, South Asheville Hendersonville Road. Asheville

French Broad Food COOP. Asheville

City Market. Hendersonville

Sunburst Market. Waynesville

Trout Lily Market. Fairview

Sanctuary of Stuff (SOS). Woodfin

Boone Street Market. Jonesborough TN

Whistlestop Market. Brevard NC

Food Matters Market. Brevard NC

Mother Earth Produce (online orders and delivery service!)

Madison Natural Foods. Marshall NC

West Village Market, West Asheville

Roots and Fruits Market , Black Mountain NC

We always love to see you in our retail store in Marshall!  Please let us know if there is a market near you that would be perfect for our pies.

18 thoughts on “MARKETS

  1. HI there, I see you have just opened up here in Marshall, and I wanted to share a recipe that you might be interested in for your Pot Pies. I make them all the time and this is one of my familys favorites.

    It is a Bison and blue chesse Pot Pie. Bison meat is very lean and much beter tasting then hamburger We use local Bison that you can get at ingels or the local Bison Farm in Marshall.As well as vegies from are garden.

    First saute the Bison meat with what ever seasoning you like then drain the fat of witch threre is almost none.
    then saute some shreded carrots, onion,and celery together until tender and then add peas at the end.

    Then mix the bison meat back in with the vegies and saute for 2 more minutes.

    After that place the mixture into the pies and top with Blue Cheese crumbles and then place the pie top crust on and bake until the crust is done. Thats it. If you try it im sure you will enjoy.

    I wish you guys great success!!

    Brad Bradshaw.

    • Brad, thank you so much for the recipe!! I love Bison meat, and will try this pot pie for sure! Do you happen to have contact information for the Bison farm in Marshall? many thanks again, Laurie Lamb

  2. Do you deliver to downtown Brevard – maybe when you are going to the Whistle Stop in Cedar Mountain? The pies look delicious!!!

  3. Do you distribute in Asheville? My mother-in-law lives across from Whistle Stop and when she was heating up a Greek chicken last week it smelled delish!

    • Hi! I am currently looking for a distributor in Asheville… In the meantime, I am happy to coordinate a delivery if we are in your area! Give me a call at the store, 828-545-0664. Thanks, Laurie lamb

  4. I recently bought a bunch of pot pies to take back to Columbia SC for friends….one friend runs a wonderful tea room and is interested in knowing if you have “bulk” prices….she’d love to serve the pies and give you the glory! Perhaps this would be an outlet for selling directly to customers, too….any possibilities here? We go back and forth between Asheville and Columbia, so could be your “transport.”

  5. Laurie

    What are your hours at your restaurant. I had one of your pot pies tonight. I had the steak and ale pot pie. It was wonderful! I bought it at the city market in Hendersonville. Yum yum yum !

  6. Once again you folks have kept my skinny but from blowing away. Since having all my teeth removed I have been very limited on my food. Oatmeal in the morning and your wonderful pot pies for dinner. Of course after I get my falsies I will continue eating your wonderful pies and soups. Thanks guys!

  7. I bought your shepherd’s pie for my husband’s birthday dinner tonight. It was the most INCREDIBLE shepherd’s pie I have ever tasted. Local lamb and beef, fresh herbs, and parmesan whipped potatoes. I could not have made it better!

  8. I visit my Mom about every other month in Connastee Falls about 10 minutes from The Whistle Stop. I discovered your pies last year and buy them everytime I go through there. I was wondering if you ship as I live in the ‘burbs of Atlanta and would really like to get more.
    Thanks, Clay

  9. Wow! Keep up the awesome work! (How do I NOT make this sound like a paid advertisement?) No hyperbole… you can quote me on this, “If you like a good pot pie – why not try an AWESOME pot pie!? The folks at the Pot Pie Shop simply ‘get it.’ Flavor, texture, aroma, quality – they’re all there! Mmmmmm!”

  10. I love your pot pies, I have one in the oven right now!! I used to buy them from Katuah Market in Asheville but they are no longer open 😦 So now I get them delivered through Mother Earth Produce. Is it possible to have more selections available? The only ones I can order through MEP are Butternut Squash and and Veggie. I would love to have some of your chicken and meat pies delivered! Thanks for considering!

  11. Hi there! My husband and I are visiting the mountains from Greenville, SC and just had two of your pies…they are DIVINE! Please stock in Greenville! Maybe Whole Foods? Swamp Rabbit Grocery?? I’m going to need access to those pies….SO. GOOD.

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