It’s that time of the year!

Pot Pie offers gift certificates to make your holiday shopping easy.  Gift certificates make great gifts and are available in any amount you choose. Pick them up in the store or give me a call at the shop (828.545.0664) and I would be happy to mail one to you.  Hey! speaking of mail…look for my new shipping business to begin in 2016! Exciting things to come…

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Exciting Changes!

Wow! So many changes have been happening at Pot Pie in the past several months so here is a little update…

Pot Pie shut our doors to wholesale markets in April to go through a USDA inspection process.  This new stamp allows us to wholesale our pies in markets and insures our customers that our products are up to the standards of the USDA.  We have worked hard and are proud to be USDA certified!  If you are ever at the shop and notice a person in a white coat and hard hat say “hi”, that would be our friendly USDA inspector.

Throughout the past few months we have also come out with some changes in our recipes.  We are now using all natural, hormone and antibiotic free, free range chicken.  Our meat pies are made with all natural, antibiotic and hormone free, grass fed beef.  We also took a good look at our ingredients and made changes to anything that contained unnecessary preservatives and shifted to all natural products.  We are now offering a new “Classic Veggie” pie which is a vegetarian version of the Classic Chicken pie and our Shepherd’s Pie has a new recipe and is now gluten free.

You may also have noticed that our logo has changed.  We have re branded ourselves!  We are now “Madison Pot Pie” and love our new logo designed by a local graphic designer.  Look for a new website coming soon.

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All these new changes are pieces that will be part of an exciting expansion.  Thank you to all our markets who were patient while we were on hold, and thank you to all of our loyal customers who continued to come to our retail store in Marshall!

Here is a current list of where you can find our pies…

Earth Fare, Westgate Shopping Center. Asheville

Earth Fare, South Asheville Hendersonville Road. Asheville

French Broad Food COOP. Asheville

City Market. Hendersonville

Sunburst Market. Waynesville

Trout Lily Market. Fairview

Sanctuary of Stuff (SOS). Woodfin

Boone Street Market. Jonesborough TN

Whistlestop Market. Brevard NC

Of course, we always love to see customers at our store in Marshall.  Hope to see you soon!

-Laurie Lamb


We’re 3 Years Old Today!

Pot Pie is officially 3 years old today! We’d like to thank our community, friends and family for all the support and encouragement. We couldn’t have done it without you. It takes a village to make a pie! We’re loving this quote from Robert Browning: Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be!”  Cheers to a bright and sunny future for all of us.

To celebrate we’re offering a special TODAY ONLY buy three pies (any size) and get a free 6″ pie of your choice. The doors are open til 5:30 and if you swing by be prepared to see some big smiles. Have a great day out there pie lovers.

A peek into our past…

Pot Pockets are the future!

Spring is always a good time to try out new ideas in the shop. The snow has melted, the trees are in bloom and the hustle and bustle of Summer hasn’t reached our doorstep yet. We’ve been toying around with the idea of three sizes of pie, recognizing some of our customers (and heck, us too) don’t want an entire pie or would simply like a little variety. It was then that we recalled our love for the tasty Michigan pasties and married them with our own traditional, Cajun hand-pie recipe.

What’s a pastie? Otherwise known as the Coal Miner’s Lunch this treats has a history forged in hard work and home cooked meals. Two qualities we keep close to us in the shop. “Coal miners in the Midwest would take these for their lunch. They keep warm rather long wrapped in a towel. Some housewives would stuff one end with a savory filling, and the other with a sweet one. That way you could have your dessert with your dinner!” Borrowing from this linage we filled our hand rolled, all-butter dough with a spicy Cajun mix of ground beef, pork, finely chopped onions and sauteed peppers.

Soon you’ll be able to pick up a set of four, prepacked, frozen and ready to get home to your oven. Currently you can find them on the menu down the block at Good Stuff. For just $6 you can get a deep fried pocket and a fresh side salad, perfect lunch or dinner. Hooray!

Our Mission

MISSION. To provide our community comfort and convenience through gourmet, frozen pies.

MOTTO. Comfort in a crust.

ON THE MAP. Pot Pie is located in historical, downtown Marshall, North Carolina. Nestled in the mountains and adjacent to the French Broad River, Marshall boasts a unique culture of nature enthusiasts, artisans, farmers and innovative, small businesses. The town slogan tradition, creativity and community is exemplified in the vibrant markets and town celebrations. Come find treasures by the train tracks, walk the trails on the island and pick up a handmade pie for an easy dinner. An afternoon doesn’t get much better than that. We look forward to meeting you.

VISIT. 133 South Main Street, Marshall, NC 28753

HOURS. 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

PHONE. (828) 545-0664


Updated Menu!

Comfort in a Crust

These pies begin with traditional roux, contain hormone & antibiotic free chicken and are topped with our flakey, handmade crust.
Classic: peas & carrots
Pesto: fresh tomatoes, pesto & mozzarella
Southwest: chipotle roux, black beans, cheddar
Greek: roasted portabellas, red onion, feta, roasted red pepper & spinach
Cordon Bleu: a blend of 3 cheeses and roasted ham

Our meats are slow cooked, seasoned to perfection and topped with either parmesan mashed potatoes or our standard crust.
Pot Roast: pulled pot roast, carrots, onion & celery topped with mashed potatoes
Shepherds: ground lamb & beef, carrots, peas, topped with mashed potatoes
Cottage: ground beef & pork, carrots, peas, topped with mashed potatoes
Steak & Ale: sautéed steak, mushrooms, onion & ale gravy with a classic crust
Cajun: Louisiana style spiced ground beef, bell peppers, onion with a classic crust
Pizza: layers of Sarah’s amazing sauce, pepperoni, sausage and mozzarella with a classic crust
Gumbo: Laurie’s special gumbo made with chicken & sausage, topped with a classic crust

The Veggie pies are made with seasonal ingredients whenever possible and topped with a traditional crust.
Butternut & Spinach: roasted butternuts, onion, spinach, ricotta, mozzarella
Roasted Veggie: roasted seasonal vegetables, marinara, mozzarella

These pies feature our handmade, flakey crust with fillings that are perfect for desert.
Apple: thin sliced apples, cinnamon, lemon juice, sugar, double crust.
Three Berry: strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries in a double crust. Perfect for summer


Pot Pie is committed to using local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible. All our pies are made in-house and by hand. They do contain gluten and dairy. Please contact us at the shop with any questions!
(828) 545-0664


1531848_643391085707710_542120028_nI haven’t updated the website in quite a while, but we have been very busy and have many new and exciting changes going on at Pot Pie! Our menu consists of several new pies and is constantly changing with the seasons so do not hesitate to call for our latest offerings (828.545.0664).

We have new faces working in the shop! Sarah Alden is managing and is a whirlwind in the kitchen and keeps me well organized. Tara Jensen is a highly experienced baker who loves rolling dough and I think our crust is even better as a result (She owns, Smoke Signals Baking  check her baked goods out!)! Her new dessert pies are fantastic!

Be aware that our pies, casseroles, and soups are available at several markets in the area. You can find us in north Asheville at Livi’s Pantry, in Fairview at Trout Lily Market, in Hendersonville at City Market, in Brevard at The Whistle Stop Market, and in Waynesville at the Sunburst Trout Company store on Main Street. We are also available through Mother Earth Produce.

Come visit us in Marshall or pick up one of our pies from one of our vendors!
xo! Laurie

new pizza pie!

new pizza pie!


sample day!


Tara’s blue berry chess pie…so good!

apple pie!

apple pie!

New, new, new and new!!

I’ve been behind on my blogging because I’ve been busy in the kitchen! There are several new items on the menu this January…

1. Spicy Southwest Chicken Pie. This one has some heat! It is our own roasted natural chicken breast in a chipolte cream sauce with black beans, green chiles, and a cheddar cheese crust. Yeehaw!!


2. Chicken Cordon Bleu Pie. I tried this one out just before the holidays and it has become a fixture on the menu. Roasted chicken and Black Forest ham in a delicate Swiss and Gruyere cheese sauce.

3. Shepherds/Cottage pies are a favorite and now a permanent menu item!

4. Pot Roast pie with mashed potato crust. Perfect for cold winter nights!

5. Traditional Steak and Ale pie. A classic English pub pie. Made with top sirloin beef, mushrooms,and onion in a hearty sauce ( Highland Gaelic Ale for the first batch). This special pie is made in limited quantities, be sure to call ahead!

6. I LOVE making soups. Chicken and smoked sausage gumbo, and our Thai Tomato Bisque ( vegan and gluten free) will always be on the menu. I’m rotating in some other choices as well, for example, this week was a Broccoli Cheddar Beer and Bacon soup ( might be my new favorite!).


As always, thank you all for the kindness and the support. Hope to see y’all in the Pot Pie Shop sometime soon!