OUR MENU. Pot Pie is committed to using local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible. All our pies are made in-house and by hand. They do contain gluten and dairy. Please contact the shop for prices and availability

*indicates which pies are currently offered in our wholesale markets.

These pies begin with traditional roux, contain hormone & antibiotic free chicken and are topped with our flakey, handmade crust.
*Classic: peas & carrots
*Pesto: fresh tomatoes, pesto & mozzarella
 Southwest: chipotle roux, black beans, cheddar
 Greek: roasted portabellas, red onion, feta, roasted red pepper & spinach
*Cordon Bleu: a blend of 3 cheeses and roasted ham

Our meats are slow cooked, seasoned to perfection and topped with either parmesan mashed potatoes or our standard crust.
 Pot Roast: pulled pot roast, carrots, onion & celery topped with mashed potatoes
*Shepherds:(GLUTEN FREE!) grass fed beef, carrots, peas, and corn topped with  cheddar mashed potatoes
 Steak & Ale: sauteed steak, mushrooms, onion & ale gravy with a classic crust
 Cajun: Louisiana style spiced ground beef, bell peppers, onion with a classic crust
 Pizza: layers of Sarah’s amazing sauce, pepperoni, sausage and mozzarella with a classic crust
 Gumbo: Laurie’s special gumbo made with chicken & sausage, topped with a classic crust                   *Ham and Broccoli: ham and broccoli in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce with our classic crust

The Veggie pies are made with seasonal ingredients whenever possible and topped with a traditional crust.
 Classic Veggie:  our vegetarian version of the Classic Chicken, with added broccoli and portabello  mushrooms
*Roasted Veggie: roasted seasonal vegetables, marinara, mozzarella

These pies are seasonal and feature our handmade, flaky crust with fillings that are perfect for desert.
Apple: thin sliced apples, cinnamon, lemon juice, sugar, double crust.

Pot Pie is committed to using local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible. All our pies are made in-house and by hand. They do contain gluten and dairy. Please contact us at the shop with any questions!
(828) 545-0664

10 thoughts on “THE PIES

  1. Could you give me list of veggie pies ( no meat ) & fruit pies please.
    Thank you , Debie Holland

    • Hi Debie Just check out my menu for a list of my current pies! I am always updating with seasonal produce. Right now I am offering two vegetarian choices ( butternut squash, and the roasted veggie pie) My fruit pie is a peach blueberry. It is limited, so be sure to call ahead…828-423-9041

  2. Am away from home for several months and tried your cottage pie last night…so wonderful…pleasantly light but very comforting. Great rendition of the classic.

  3. We LOVE your pies!!!! We’ve had classic chicken, pesto, broccoli ham and shepards All are DELICIOUS!!! We live in south Asheville so I buy at Earthfare – can’t wait to try a fruit pie!!

  4. In Montreat, NC, and took a little trip to Waynesville and came home with your chicken pot pie from Sunburst. Good grief girl, you have a hit on your hands. This rivals my own special pot pie recipe. I wouldn’t want to go up against you at the state fair. Congrats and keep baking!

    • Thank you so much! I have them for sale in Black Mountain as well…Roots and Fruits Market. I appreciate your kind words and hope you have a lovely time in Montreat!

  5. Hi Laurie, I am the Randolph-Macon grad who purchased my first pot pie at the River Arts Tailgate earlier this summer. It was the cordon bleu and we had it tonight for dinner. It was more than delicious. Wanted to lick the container. Forget where I can buy another in North Asheville, without coming to Marshall. Thanks, Anne Kime

    • Hi Anne! I am so glad you liked it. Closest to North Asheville would be at the Sanctuary of Stuff in Woodfin. If you would like, call my store and you can place a special order (828.545.0664) I would be happy to deliver to the S.O.S -Laurie

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